Scratchpad Sandbox

Teaching old taxonomists new tricks

Scratchpads Sandbox

This site is built to allow people interested in Scratchpads to try out all the available functions before applying for their own site.

Please use the following credentials to login to this site:
Username: username
Password: password

What can you do in the Sandbox?

  • familiarise yourself with the interface and menus
  • change the structure and create custom content
  • experiment with all Scratchpads functions and available modules
  • evaluate whether Scratchpads are a viable tool for creating, curating and disseminating your data

What should you also know before using the Sandbox:

  • Do not upload or create valuable data in this site
  • The Sandbox will reset and all content permanently deleted every 6 hours
  • The time left before Sandbox resets is shown on the footer of every page
  • Other users can edit the Sandbox Scratchpad site at the same time as you


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Creator: Gilles San Martin ( Creative Commons Licence
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